Gowdy: Mueller Is Going To Have To Explain How He Vets His Prosecutors and Agents

‘He hired some people that have terrible bias’


GOWDY: "They will want to know that and they will want to know whether or not we can trust or rely upon what Robert Mueller comes up with I have been very defensive of Robert Mueller from day one up until as recently as a week ago. But he hired some people that have terrible bias. And he didn't have to. There are plenty of women and men who don't contribute to political campaigns. There are plenty of prosecutors he could have hired. So, at some point, Bob Mueller is going to have to explain how did he vet these prosecutors and agents? How did these folks slip by because what's going to happen, Martha, if he decides to do something to the Trump campaign or prosecute President Trump, Republicans have a built-in argument for bias. That the fix was in from day one. And if he clears president Trump, then the Democrats are going to say well, the pressure from the Republicans was so unrelenting. He is in a no-win situation but he's there because of some of the decisions that he has made."

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