NBC: Furloughed Government Employee To Seek Unemployment Benefits

‘I’m terrified to the point where okay, what is going to happen?’

NBC: Furloughed Government Employee Will Seek Unemployment Benefits (RealClearPolitics)

On Tuesday's broadcast of NBC's Nightly News, correspondent John Yang reported on how the government shutdown is affecting government employees. Yang interviewed an EPA employee being furloughed who said she will apply for unemployment benefits.

"Right now, I'm terrified. I'm terrified to the point where okay, what is going to happen?" the EPA employee said.

"Congress needs to be turned over somebody's knee and spanked real hard because they're acting like small children," she added.

NBC also reported that the EPA employee was protesting against the shutdown yesterday in daylight.

The rest of the Nightly News report focused on other furloughed workers and those who would be affected by the shutdown, including a woman who receives WIC benefits and a mother who will need a babysitter because the federally-funded Head Start program will close.

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