David Frum: The Worst Mistake CNN Made Was To Bring In-House Trump Associates To Promote Trump Falsehoods

‘You don’t need to put your own brand on them’


FRUM: "The worst mistakes press organizations have made and CNN made, Raju and his co-author, the mistake they made, it was important they promptly corrected it. The worst mistake CNN has made had been result of determination to bring in-house Trump associates in order to promote Trump falsehoods. Not from Trump HQ or not from the White House but with CNN’s own brand on them. And that has occurred — "
STELTER: "Well, I have to disagree on that one. I think we need to hear from Trump supporters. But I — "
FRUM: "You need to hear them, but you need to hear from them as Trump supporters. You don’t need to put your own brand on them, and that has been — that has been the worst mistake but that comes from the desire to be unduly fair." 

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