Matthews: Is Trump Trying To Build A Party on Only White Votes?

‘Can Trump build a political party based basically on white votes?’


MATTHEWS: "You know, Charlie, I wanted your perspective on the race issue. I know suburban Republicans can’t stand the racist tag. They don’t want to vote for anyone who looks like a racist. No matter what their feeling are, they don’t like admitting it. What do you make of this? Can Trump build a political party based basically on white votes? It seems like that’s what he’s doing." 
SYKES: "That’s what he’s trying to do. The answer is no he can’t. You look at the demography of the country, you realize where he is taking this political party. This is a president who keeps going to the base, but that base is shrinking. It’s shrinking. It’s getting smaller and smaller. Yet he keeps doubling down. And there are moments when you step back and say okay, obviously, you understand this is a political dead end. Not to mention it’s morally repulsive, and yet, as long as Donald Trump is, you know, pursuing this, than the Republican Party is going to be owning it. When they seat senator Roy Moore, you know, you’re going to see, you know, another one of those moral tests for the Republican, which I’m afraid they’re going to fail once again."

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