Blackburn: Trump ‘Has Every Reason to be Outraged and the American People Have an Equal Reason to be Outraged’

‘And the American people have an equal reason to be outraged’


BLACKBURN: "What he did is cause more questions. Talking with my colleagues a lot of people are saying wait a minute, we want to figure this out. Did the DNC pay fusion gps for this dossier, they go pay Steele, Steele cooks this thing up and then they use that to get a FISA warrant. Let me tell you something, if that is what happened, they are more than knee deep in the mud and the mire in this swamp. I'm not sure if you will see members ready to vote to reauthorize the 702 authority. People are really very, very concerned about this because what you've got is just like with the I.R.S. Attacking political opponents, now the F.B.I. Being used to attack political opponents and President Trump is exactly right about this. He has every reason to be outraged, and the American people have an equal reason to be outraged."

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