Gretchen Carlson: Sexual Harassment Is Apolitical, It’s Disingenuous to Believe Some Women and Not Others

‘That’s what we’re seeing play out right now’

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BERMAN: "So, Franken may be gone, John Conyers resigned from the House of Representatives, yet on the Republican side, the Republican Party just backed Roy Moore officially in the Alabama Senate race. The President still backs him and, of course, the President has his own accusers. So it does beg the question, is there a partisan divide here, Gretchen, on how people are being treated and these cases are being treated?"
CARLSON: "I think it’s pretty obvious the answer to that is yes. What I’ve said from the beginning since my story broke 17 months ago is that sexual harassment is apolitical and that it’s completely disingenuous to believe some groups of women and not believe others. That’s what we’re seeing play out right now. I believe America is in this amazing political divide, unfortunately, and I would just implore all Americans to try and put their politics aside and put human dignity before all of that."

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