Al Sharpton: ‘Incongruous’ for Trump ‘to Stand Anywhere Near, Memorializing and Exalting Civil Rights’

‘He’s had an anti-civil rights approach’


SHARPTON: "I think his options were that he should from the beginning of his presidency, when he met with the Congressional Black Caucus and others, start having a real balanced conversation about civil rights. You know, he called me after the election. I said, 'Well, I won’t meet with you alone, I’m not doing the photo op red carpet thing. Meet with civil rights leaders, we’ll bring them all in.' He wouldn’t do it. So for him to go now is disingenuous from his birther movement against Barack Obama all the way through his fights with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, April Ryan. He’s had an anti-civil rights approach. So, why would it be awkward for him to go now? Because it is incongruous with how he has had his presidency this far, for him to stand anywhere near memorializing and exalting civil rights."

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