Brzezinski: Huckabee Sanders ‘Shills for a Racist’

Scarborough: Can I guess, was it Sarah Huckabee Sanders who lectured John Lewis?’


SCARBOROUGH: “Hold on. What did you just say?”
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah, that man got a lecture from the White House. It’s important that he learns his history, Joe.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Can I guess, was it Sarah Huckabee Sanders who lectured John Lewis?”
BRZEZINSKI: “Oh, yeah.”
SCARBOROUGH: “On civil rights?”
SCARBOROUGH: “Oh, my God.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Yes. And everybody deserves a lecture from Sarah Huckabee Sanders because she is the moral authority on civil rights." 
SCARBOROUGH: “Wasn’t he the one who marched alongside Martin Luther King and was beaten and bloodied in Selma? Is that the one? Is that the same John Lewis?"
BRZEZINSKI: “Yes, it is.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So why would Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the White House lecture John Lewis —“
BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t know. I mean, she shills for a racist, so it kind of all works together."

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