Hannity Rips Obama: ‘The Former President Is Obviously Sick, Pathetic, and Twisted in this Obsession’ with Trump

‘No class, Barack Obama back again’

HANNITY: "Also tonight, yes, no class, Barack Obama back again, launching a new far left attack against President Trump warning that America could turn into Nazi Germany. Speaking at the economic club of Chicago, and Obama said that the danger today is “Growing, complacent, we have to tend to the garden of democracy, otherwise things could fall apart quickly, that’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Which despite the democracy of the way more republic and cultural scientific achievements, Adolf hitler rose to dominate 60 million people died. You have to pay attention. And you have to vote.” Very cute and clever comparing the president in a subtle way to Adolf hitler and the. Obama, by the way, how are your unrepentant buddies doing? By the way, please send the best wishes to the church of gd America and the reverend Jeremiah Wright. The former president is obviously sick, pathetic, and twisted in this obsession with President Trump. A like everybody in the media. Every single chance that Obama gets whether it is here, home, overseas, does not matter. He is trashing and trying to undermine the president. Maybe he cannot get over the fact that his record was atrocious. Maybe he needs to take his own advice and accept the results of the election. President Obama, Hillary lost. A time for you to to get over it. I know it is impossible, but tried to take some notes from George W. Bush. Because George W. Bush never criticized you, not one time after he left office, because he actually respected the office more and thought it was more important."

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