Acting ICE Director on Kate Steinle: Politicians Are Putting Political Ambitions Ahead o Public Safety

‘These politicians knew he was a seven-time convicted felon’

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SMITH: "This is a Fox News alert. A federal grand jury indicting illegal immigrant Jose Zarate only days after he was acquitted in 2015 death of Kate Steinle. The Justice Department releasing a statement saying, 'Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate has been indicted on federal firearm charges in association with the death of Kate Steinle. Joining me now for more on this is acting ICE Director Thomas Homan. Director Homan, it’s great to have you on this morning. I remember seeing you in the minutes that followed the Kate Steinle verdict saying you were sickened, you were stunned by the outcomes of this case. A bit of time has passed. Where are you on this today?"
HOMAN: "Well my opinion on sanctuary cities hasn’t changed. I mean, we got politicians that are putting their political ambitions, putting politics ahead of public safety. It doesn’t make sense. It does never make sense for a -- for -- for a politician to release a known public safety threat back into the public, when they are here illegally. Let’s talk about this case in San Francisco. These politicians knew he was a seven-time convicted felon, four of them, narcotics-related, manufacturing and sale. A seven-time convicted felon being deported many times. We had notified them we wanted custody of him. Knowing all this what did they do? They release him back into street. And now a young lady is dead. This is just -- it’s ludicrous what’s going on."

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