Dem Rep., Speaking Outside Gay Wedding Cake Case, Attacks Trump, Joint Committee on Taxation

‘Donald Trump, our president, sells lies that become the truth to his supporters’


JOHNSON: “If you own a business open to the public, can you refuse service to someone because you don’t like their lifestyle, because you don’t like the person that they hang out with? This case is about two people who were refused service at a business that is open to the public simply because the owner of that business didn’t like their lifestyle. This case, ladies and gentlemen, is about whether a gay couple living in America has the same freedoms in this country that everyone else enjoys. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve entered into a crucial period in American history where it seems that right is wrong, up is down, it’s sunny, but yet, it’s cloudy. Things have gotten skewed because of claims of fake news. Donald Trump, our president, sells lies that become the truth to his supporters. The Congress of the United States of America can set up a tribunal, the Joint Center for Taxation, they set it up, staff it with people that they want to staff it and then they impose upon them the requirement of using a certain economic logic to justify tax cuts."

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