Eric Holder Launches City Program To Prevent Youth from Joining Islamic State

‘Few threats are more urgent than the threat posed by violent extremism ... the Justice Department is responding appropriately’

U.S. to Launch City Programs to Deter Americans' Enlistment in Terror Groups (The Wall Street Journal)

The Obama administration will launch pilot programs in select U.S. cities seeking to discourage Americans from trying to join or fight on behalf of violent extremist groups like Islamic State, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday.

The effort, announced in a video posted on the Justice Department website, is in advance of a planned White House summit next month designed to bring attention to the problem of violent extremism recruitment in the U.S.

The issue is generating great concern since authorities say they discovered evidence that more than 100 Americans have traveled or attempted to travel to Syria to join the fighting there. About a dozen of those are suspected to have joined Islamic State militants, often referred to as ISIL or ISIS.

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