Ezra Klein: Trump Team Says They Have Nothing To Hide But They’re Trying Extremely Hard to Hide Something

‘There’s an overall picture coming together here’


KLEIN: "The big one— just big point about this. If you just step back from Flynn, from Manafort, from everything we’re hearing from the— the meetings that Sessions forgot, all the times Kushner lied on the security clearances. There’s lot being forgotten about, lied about, misrepresented, for all to be innocent. I mean, there’s something— we don’t know the whole story yet, Mueller is running what appears to be a very expansive and very aggressive investigation, but it is getting to be— what we are being asked to believe as innocent is getting to be almost ridiculous. You go back to the Don Trump Jr. e-mails with the Russian lawyer saying, I would love to get some dirt on— on Hillary Clinton. There’s an overall picture coming together here and for a group that says they have nothing to hide, there sure is lot, they appeared to be trying extremely hard— at great legal risk— "
KLEIN: " —to hide."

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