Gregg Jarrett: ‘Inexplicable’ Feds Not Charging Kate Steinle Killer with Host of Federal Crimes

‘Twenty one years ago Congress passed a law that said it is illegal not to to operate with ICE’

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WEBB: " -- I made here I want Americans to pay attention to this. Liberals and liberal progressives are willing to sacrifice American lives for their political goals. Pay close attention to what they do they sacrifice each other, they sacrifice American lives and ideology is dangerous to everyone out there."
JARRETT: "What is inexplicable is that the Department of Justice, the feds, never prosecute under the laws. 21 years ago Congress passed a law that said it is illegal not to to operate with ICE. You now have 300 sanctuary cities, San Francisco includes, who abuse that law. They ignore that law. There is another law that says if you harborer shield somebody here illegally that is a crime, five years behind bars, if somebody dice like Kate as a result of what the city and county did in the city of San Francisco, it is life behind bars. The sheriff who let that man walk occupant of the jail and killed Kate Steinle should have been prosecuted and doing life behind bars but the feds will not touch it. Jeff Sessions needs to get off his duff."

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