Eric Schiffer: ‘Taxpayers Should Not Foot the Bill’ for Sexual Harassment in Congress, They ‘Should Be Personally Liable’

‘They should be held accountable’

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SCHIFFER: "Here is my feeling about this. If you do conduct outside the bounds of your position you need to be personally liable. The taxpayers should not foot the bill for the fact that you are conducting a treasure chest of blunders or you're horribly incompetent in the ability to control yourself and be disciplined this is pathetic. It is what angers taxpayers. It is what inflames so many people that supported Donald Trump in trying to bring reform, and to change the system. This is a textbook case of what's wrong with politicians and why most politicians are frankly, shouldn't be in office. They should be held accountable. I think they need to be personally liable and have exposure and taxpayers don't pay for the their conduct unbecoming."

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