Sen Blumenthal: If President Trump Pardoned Michael Flynn It Would Be a ‘Tremendous Disrespect to the Rule of Law’

‘I hope he won’t do it’


BLUMENTHAL: "Excellent question. I have no intimate insight into the president's state of mind, but I would caution the president of the United States that pardoning Michael Flynn would be a tremendous disservice to our country, to it the rule of law and to his own presidency. It would spark a firestorm in the United States Congress. One reason that I think it would be illegal is that it would raise a conflict of interest and potentially violate his constitutional duty, but also could be deemed an obstruction of justice. And eventually Michael Flynn's going to have to tell his story to state prosecutors who are pursuing related charges, possibly money laundering involving his relationship with the Turkish government, and he's going to have to tell his story to congressional committees. So pardoning Michael Flynn is no solution for the president of the United States and is a tremendous disrespect to the rule of law. I hope he won't do it."

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