Sen. Blumenthal on Michael Flynn News: ‘I Would Call It Not the Beginning of the End, but the End of the Beginning’

‘So Michael Flynn is going to have knowledge about the president’s potential obstruction of justice’


BLUMENTHAL: "I would call it not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. Because Michael Flynn has knowledge that may implicate other top advisers, two are referenced in the statement of information. The point here is it's not only relevant to Russian collusion, but obstruction of justice. Remember, Jim Comey was fired by the president of the united States Donald Trump because he wanted to stop the investigation of Michael Flynn. That very investigation that today has culminated in this guilty plea. And so Michael Flynn is going to have knowledge about the president's potential obstruction of justice. Now is the time for the Judiciary Committee to move forward with legislation that will protect the special counsel because now there is more urgency than ever that the trump Administration, particularly the president of the United States, may renew his threats and intimidation, may, in fact, attempt to politically interfere and even fire the special counsel."

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