Heilemann: If Obama Had Done What Trump’s Accused of with Russia Probe, There’d Be Calls for Impeachment

‘Imagine what would have happened to John W. Bush or any of those people would have done, there would be calls for impeachment that day’

SCARBOROUGH: "John Heilemann, you brought up Mike Rogers also."
HEILEMANN: "At the same time in the list that we had of reported instances where Trump tried to pressure someone to end the probe. We mentioned Dan Coats, it's also the case that was reported at the same time when Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA, received the same kinds of phone calls from Trump. That’s another part of the pattern that you're pointing to. And to your earlier point about what would have happened if you had tried to engage with the Ethics Committee, just take it to the presidential level. Imagine a parallel circumstance in which Barack Obama did what Donald Trump is now accused of doing. Imagine what would have happened to George W. Bush, to Bill Clinton, any of those people if they had done what Trump is now being accused or reported to have done here in 'The New York Times.' Any of those people, there would be calls for impeachment that day."

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