Panetta: Trump’s ‘Playing with Fire’ with Anti-Muslim Tweets

‘You do not want the president of the United States as part of some kind of anti-Muslim conspiracy to jeopardize American lives’


PANETTA: “Wolf, I think the president of the United States is playing with fire. He may not know it but he’s playing with fire. Anytime you have those kinds of anti-Muslim videos and now he’s part of spreading that video around the world, there is a danger that you can create disruptions abroad and demonstrations at U.S. Embassies and other embassies and really jeopardize lives. We went through this. There were moments when I was there where we had anti-Muslim videos involving the burning of the Koran and, as a result of the fact that that was being distributed, we were very concerned about potential demonstrations that would take place at a number of embassies and we had to issue warnings to those embassies to be on alert. This is a dangerous game to play and the president, frankly, ought to know better.

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