MSNBC: Popmeo Joked He Hopes He Will Not Be Refereed to as ‘ Former’ CIA Director This Time Next Year

‘Maybe Pompeo himself is feeling the pressure’


MITCHELL: "I saw Pompeo last night, by the way at a public event. It was a tribute to Bill Webster, a former CIA director, there was the room, the ballroom in Washington filled with former CIA directors and their deputies, but the former directors were called out for a special mention, and Pompeo in his remarks, opened his remarks with a joke, saying, all these former CIA directors, I certainly hope that that is not the title that I have -- I'm paraphrasing here -- that's not my title this time next year. It was a fundraiser for the spy museum and a tribute to William Webster and to George Bush 41, another former CIA director. But it was a big joke, but it was very clear he may have another -- another role in his future."

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