Marc Thiessen: Trump Should Stop N. Korea By Declaring a Missile No-Fly and Nuclear No-test Zone

‘When they attempt to launch a ballistic missile, we will take it out’

THIESSEN: "Sure. As trace just reported, north Korea now has a missile that could reach Washington, D.C.This is getting real right now. If they are able to put a nuclear war head on that, they can hold every American citizen their own nuclear hostage. We have to decide as a country: Are we okay with Kim Jong-un holding all of our children hostages to nuclear black mail? If we are not okay with that, wehave to do something about it. My proposal is that the president of the United States should stop the north’s ballistic missile testing declaring that the U.S. Will enforce a no-fly zone over north Korea.When they attempt to launch a ballistic missile, we will take it out. If they try a nuclear test, we will take it out. It will be a limited strike just like the strike in Syria was when they violated the Obamaredline and used chemical weapons. He just took out the base. If they don’t retaliate, that will be it.We can stop their testing and I doubt they would respond."

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