Valerie Jarrett: I Was ‘Totally Speechless’ When I Heard Trump’s Pocahontas Comment

‘I try to look towards the rest of the country’


BRZEZINSKI: "We will talk about Lyft in a second. I just want to see Valerie’s reaction. We go way back. Valerie Jarrett, president Trump, Pocahontas, go."
JARRETT: "Speechless. Truly speechless. I tell you, what I try to do every days is think about — I'm still optimistic. We have to think about what can we each do. Thank goodness for you and the press who are really holding everyone’s feet to the fire. But I travel around the country and I'm seeing really just ordinary Americans still doing extraordinary things, making their communities better. So, I try to look towards the rest of the country and not focus —" 

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