Arianne Zucker: Only Way Access Hollywood Tape Could Be Fake Is Someone Was Planting Words in Trump’s Mouth

‘You’re miked and it’s recording as you’re driving in’

ZUCKER: "Well, obviously, I wasn’t there during the bus ride. Just to reiterate, I had no idea what was going on before they got off the bus. But I do know that I was there working and doing my job. And the whole point was to welcome the “Access Hollywood” bus and give Billy bush and trump a tour and trump was on our show, “Days of our lives,” so whatever happened beforehand, I’m assuming, you’re miked and it’s recording as you’re driving in. I don’t know how else that could be fake? I mean, unless someone’s planting words in your mouth, that’s the only other way. So it has puzzling to me. And I was curious. I thought, how do you apologize for something and then renege on it. And that was just in question." 

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