WaPo Reporter: Forget Obama, Dems Want Michelle To Help Campaign

‘They very much want her to be out there ... and she will be out there’

"Michelle Obama, in many ways, is the keeper of the Obama flame. When she's on the snap off she will use that phrase 'Fired up and ready to go,' which we remember from 2008. They very much want her to be out there. I've talked with the folks in the east wing and they say she will be out there campaigning for the Congress folks, campaigning for the governors as well as campaigning for representatives as well. They very much think that she is still someone that can fire up the base: African-Americans, Latinos and women. She was down in Georgia. This is the state that has a large African-American population -- Latinos too increasing with. She was down there campaigning for Michelle Nunn. She will also be in Iowa. Speaking of Iowa -- this is the state that made the Obamas -- she will be there campaigning next month for Bruce Braley and we'll see her throughout the campaign."

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