North Carolina Representative to Obama: ‘We didn’t elect a Dictator’

‘It is time that we stop acting like loyal subjects and start acting like the representatives’

North Carolina House Representative to Obama - 'We didn't elect a Dictator' (YouTube)

CONGRESSMAN: “I’d like your 2 minutes to the gentleman from North Carolina, a distinguished young man congressman matters.”
SPEAKER: “The gentleman for North Carolina is recognized for two minutes.”
MEADOWS: “Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise today to hopefully address some other things that were just mentioned. We talk about a moral obligation and truly it is troubling to me to hear so much talked about in terms of a moral obligation when my state, the state of North Carolina, is about to see the largest increase in insurance premium because of the Affordable Care Act, in the country. When we talk about 27-year-olds that can purchase insurance today, Mr. Speaker, for $35 a month -- and it goes to over a $180 a month. What is morally right about that? I ask you, Mr. Speaker, you know we talked a whole lot in this chamber about the fact that there was a vote taken that a president was elected and indeed we did elect a president a mere nine months ago, but I want to remind you, Mr. Speaker, that I was also elected some nine months ago and we did not elect a dictator, we elected a president. We did not have a vote that did not elect representatives. It is time that the representatives start representing the people that they were elected to uphold and protect. You know we've heard a lot in this chamber this evening about the government. The government this, the government that, the govern -- when do we start focusing on the people because it is the people who are losing jobs. It’s the people who can't keep their insurance, it's the people whose insurance premiums are going up, it's the people who are losing their jobs in being cut back on hours to get part-time. It is time that we stop acting like loyal subjects and start acting like the representatives that we were voted into office to uphold and represent the people of this great country. And with that. Mr. Speaker, I yield back.”

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