Turley: Michael Flynn ‘Has A Clear, Credible Criminal Allegation’

‘Things have only gone from bad to worse for Flynn’

KILMEADE: "Former national security advisor Michael Flynn was one of Donald Trump’s earlier political supporters, but he could be breaking with the president as his legal trouble deepens and so does his son’s. New reports today say that the general’s legal team has stopped sharing information where President Trump’s legal team suggesting to some that the general could be cooperating special counsel Robert mill. After all he hasn’t been indicted yet and there are some things out there that could get in him trouble. Jonathan Turley law school he was so intrigued and needed to talk to me so much he scrambled to be with me on Thanksgiving. Everybody is playing armchair legal scholar. Tell me what this means to you, Jonathan." 
TURLEY: "Well, you know, this is not unexpected from the outset. Soon after Mueller was appointed. It was really all about Flynn in my view. I raised his name first as the most obvious target of a prosecutor. He has a number of the elements that targets share. He has a clear, credible criminal allegation that is a failure to register under FARA accepted half a million dollars from the nation of Turkey those FAA violations registration as a foreign agent almost never prosecuted that doesn’t mean they can’t be prosecuted. But then the sort of — the narrative deepened when the allegation came out that he attended two meetings. Including one after the election in which they discussed the kidnapping of a Turkish dissident living in the United States. So things have only gone from bad to worse for Flynn. And then the final thing was had when we — when it was clear that his son is in the mix here. And prosecutors will often look at family members as a way of coercing a plea." 

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