Sports Agent: It’s Better Being Black in Mexico than Being Black in America

‘You have to remember, there’s a history of African-Americans leaving America’


CARLSON: "Let’s just be real. Barack Obama could not have been elected president of Mexico. They have major race problems in Mexico and we pretend that Mexico is the sort of unified Hispanic country. That’s not reality and anyone who says it knows nothing about Mexico. I’m not attacking Mexico, that’s just true. I guess I wonder, does he know anything about Mexico? And by the way, how badly is Marshawn lynch treated when he goes to dinner, do people yell at him at dinner? Can we just be real for a second? This is ridiculous."
TALL: "We are keeping it as real as possible, you just need to realize that Marshawn lynch grew up in Oakland, he has probably seen a lot of police brutality, seen a lot of his friends get shot and probably injured by police brutality, and he’s also, everywhere he goes, no one is concerned about his wealth. All police see his dreadlocks a lot of times. In Marshawn lynch’s mind, the way he’s treated here as opposed to when he goes to Mexico or Europe is a lot better. You have to remember, there’s a history of African-Americans leaving America — don’t get me wrong, I love this country. There’s a history of African-Americans liberties and efforts going all the way back to Joseph baker in 1919 leaving this country for a better life. Going to France. He went to France. We went I’m very aware of that. Here’s the real point, when you are a famous person who commands the attention of an entire country and has reaped such profound rewards as Marshawn lynch has, doesn’t mean you have to love the country, but it means you can’t be as mindless as he is. If you can’t say something that is so stupid like I would be treated better in Mexico. That’s insane. Don’t you think it’s incumbent on him to learn something before weighing in on a topic this divisive? Or no?"

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