Marc Thiessen: Clearly Russia Was Playing Both Sides to Influence Our Democracy

‘If we’re really concerned about the Russian assault on our democracy we have to look at both sides’


THIESSEN: "How many speeches has Bill Clinton given since the election since Hillary Clinton was defeated to Russian banks or how much money has gone into the Clinton Foundation? Clearly the Russians were playing both sides in Washington. They were lining the pockets of both Republicans and Democrats with Russian cash in an effort to influence our democracy. If we want to take a nonpartisan approach to this and see really — if we’re really concerned about the Russian assault on our democracy, we have to look at both sides. Yes, we have to investigate Manafort and Gates but we also have to investigate the Podesta brothers, we have to investigate Bill Clinton, we have to investigate the Clinton Foundation because if we don't do that, we are only going to get one side of the story and that's not what we want."

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