Matt Schlapp: Flake and Corker ‘Have Let Their Personal Animosity’ of Trump Get in the Way of Good Policy

‘They want Donald Trump to go away’


DOOCY: "Okay. They can only lose one more and then it is toast as I have heard. Actually, Jeff Flake, the senator from Arizona used the expression toast over the weekend."
DOOCY: "He is one of the two never Trumpers. You got Jeff Flake and Bob Corker. What do they want?"
SCHLAPP: "They want Donald Trump to go away. And they're pretty -- you know, they have good conservative voting records, at least on most questions. But, you know, they have let their personal animosity of Donald Trump get in the way of good policies. So we'll see. They have been for tax cuts in the past. They are using the excuse that they don’t want tax cuts to increase the deficit, Steve. But we all know as good Reagan conservatives that tax cuts actually increase revenue to the government because people do more of the things that promote economic growth."

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