Mia Love: Franken and Roy Moore ‘Should Take Responsibility for Their Behavior’

‘I’m calling them all on the carpet’

WALLACE: Well, let me ask you about to specific cases. Do you believe that Judge Roy Moore, the candidate in the special Senate election in Alabama, should step aside from that race to let a write-in candidate try to hold the seat for Republicans? And what do you think should happen to Senator Al Franken after the allegations against him this week?

LOVE: I’m calling them all on the carpet. I think that all of them should take responsibility for their behavior.

This is — you know, when you think about Al Franken, you think about Judge Moore, you think about all the situations that are out there, they’re all different, and they all deserve due process, and the people need to be able to have time to talk about them and process it. We certainly aren’t going to be able to do that today and seven minutes on a Sunday show, but I think it’s important that we end up talking about it, getting comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, and saying that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

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