Susan Page: If GOP Passes Tax Cuts It Will Be Because ‘They Won’t Care About Exactly What It Is They’re Passing’

‘The Trump family alone could benefit to the tune of more than one billion dollars’

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JOHN DICKERSON: Do you think— that’s right, Susan. There’s— Democrats see an opportunity to rush in and say, wait, the middle class tax cuts expire for fourteen million, this can’t— you know, do they have an opportunity on this?

SUSAN PAGE: Well, they do since they could argue for instance that the— that the Trump family alone could benefit to the tune of more than one billion dollars if this— if this— if this particular tax bill passes. The Republicans have another problem and that is the number twelve, that is number of full legislative days left from now until the end of the year when they also need to fund the government which runs out of money on December 8. They need to deal with hurricane relief. So it will in fact be lickety-split as you said if they manage to do something by the— by the White House deadline of— of Christmas to get a tax bill through. And if they manage to do that, it will be because they are so interested in passing something that they won’t care about exactly what it is they’re passing.

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