Moore Supporter: ‘Ala. Will Not Kiss the Ring of Political Hacks Who’ve Sold Their Souls to the Devil’

‘Alabama will not bow’


PORTER: "They’re insinuating that what just simply can’t be true. You simply cannot fake being a godly, a true, a trustworthy a valiant leader on the principles of the bible. You cannot fake that."
HOTZE: "He can help drain the slimy swamp, which is inhabited by cowardly rhinos, communist Democrats, greedy lobbyists. And the alt-left lackeys in the press."
KEYES: "He stands on the premise that when you come to take our rights, you spit in the face of god. And that is why they hate him and that is why they mean to destroy him."
THOMAS: “You need to send the strongest message possible to the powers that be. Alabama will not bow. Alabama will not kiss the ring of political hacks who have sold their souls to the devil to maintain their political power.”

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