Obama Polling Worse than Bush Did at This Point in His Presidency

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd says it’s “remarkable” that a country suffering from war fatigue still wants Obama to take military action against ISIS

Obama Polling Worse Than Bush Did At This Point In His Presidency (Washington Free Beacon)

The latest WSJ /NBC poll shows nothing but dire numbers for President Obama’s remaining term.

In what was once view as a strength, Obama’s waffling on handling the ISIL threat has dragging his approval numbers worse than the nadir of President Bush’s in 2006. In fact, Obama’s handling on ISIL has now begun to sag on other in his own party, endangering the vulnerable Senate Democrat incumbents.

Chuck Todd appeared on his old show on Wednesday to preview Obama’s address to the nation and point out that with his underwater numbers, the Democratic party is at a tipping point.

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