Rep. Schiff: If Sessions Mounts Ala. Write-In Campaign, It’ll Be Viewed as Obstructing Russia Probe

‘That’s an area that would solve a lot of problems for Mitch McConnell and the president’

[clip starts]
MCCONNELL: "The name being most often discussed may not be available. Totally well known and extremely popular."
REPORTER: "Was he a possibility?"
MCCONNELL: "We don't know. He fits the mode of someone who might be able to be written in."
[clip ends]
MELBER: "He fits the mold. Do you have a concern this is to lay down the ground work for the Mueller probe? Or unrelated politics?"
SCHIFF: "I don't think it is unrelated. That's an area that would solve a lot of problems for Mitch McConnell and the president. Mitch McConnell campaigned against Roy Moore and lost badly. Ray Moore has said very disparaging things against Mitch McConnell. The president wants the attorney general gone so he can appoint someone more pliable and someone who will help him get rid of Bob Mueller. So it meets a lot of the objectives. If that's the motivation, to get someone more pliable in the ag's office that could interfere further in the Russia investigation, that would be a terrible new turn of events. Because the administration is already succeeding in breaking down that barrier of Independence of the justice Department. They succeeded in doing it when they got the Justice Department at White House urging to lift the gag rule that help further a congressional investigation of the 7-year-old uranium deal. And now they're trying to pressure the ag into appointing a special counsel, essentially to go after the president's vanquished political rival."

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