Chris Muyrphy: There Would Be a Constitutional Crisis If Trump Tried To Take Steps To Fire Mueller

‘No attorney general would have the cause to do that’

BLITZER: "As you know, many Republican leaders, including the majority leader Mitch McConnell, they actually want the attorney general Jeff Sessions to run as a write-in candidate and win back his old seat. He spent 20 years as the U.S. Senator from Alabama. That might be attractive option to President Trump, as you know, who isn’t all that happy with Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the overall Russia probe, which led to the appointment of the special counsel Robert Mueller. With a new attorney general, do you worry that the president would feel emboldened to go ahead and try to shut down the investigation?"
MURPHY: "Well, the president is still bound by the law which says you cannot fire a special counsel such as Robert Mueller without cause and there is no reasonable cause today to fire him. So ultimately there would be a constitutional crisis in my mind if he tried to take steps to fire Mueller. No attorney general would have the cause to do that, even if that attorney general wasn’t Jeff Sessions. Think it’s very unlikely there is a circumstance in which Jeff Sessions ends up in his old Senate seat, but that doesn’t change what the law says in the ways in which you can fire a special counsel."

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