Marc Short: Trump’s More Interested in Working with Russia Against N. Korea than New Russia Sanctions

‘The president has in fact signed those sanctions against Russia’

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CHUCK TODD: You think Russia’s interference in our democracy, using American freedom, using the freedom that we have in America, freedom of expression, essentially weaponizing that freedom against the United States, that that wasn’t a grave threat?

MARC SHORT: I said that the president has in fact signed those sanctions against Russia, he has supported them and they’re going to be impacted right now. The president does not overlook that. He signed the proclamation that said that there was meddling. We’re not denying that or saying that’s not important, Chuck. We are saying that if we can get Russia to partner with us to help stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and if we can partner with Russia to provide peace in the God-forsaken area of Syria right now, that those are positive developments. And this investigation has gone on without one bit of evidence showing that one ballot was impacted. And it’s time for us to actually partner with people to help protect our international interests.

CHUCK TODD: So the president thinks Russia’s been punished enough.

MARC SHORT: I think the president is more interested in figuring out how can we partner with them to help prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear weapon.

CHUCK TODD: Mitch McConnell to Hugh Hewitt a week ago said it might be a good idea if social media companies worked with the United States to retaliate against Russia. Would the president support something like that?

MARC SHORT: I think that’s probably more of a question for the CIA Director, but I’m sure we’d be entertaining that notion.

CHUCK TODD: So the idea of punishing Russia further is still on the table as far as the president’s concerned?


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