Ann Coulter: ‘The Left Has Always Been the Violent One’

‘I have been subjected to leftist violence for 20 years now’


COULTER: "I have been subjected to leftist violence for 20 years now. You and I need bodyguards. My long-time bodyguard died a year ago today from a freak accidents. But I have to go around with bodyguards. Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Chelsea handler doesn’t. The left has always been the violent one. This has always been true. I wrote about it in the my book “Demonic.” Every presidential assassination if it had a political motive, it was from someone on the left. Every single one. Some were totally crazy. Sometimes there are crazy people. But the left is constantly joining their side up — ginning their side up to be violent. There was occupy Wall Street, black lives matter, the weathermen. Any liberal can show up on a college campus and liberty university and be treated with utmost respect. People like us can’t walk around many parts of this body without having bodyguards with us there. They they they are justified in attacking us. They call us white supremacists and Nazis. What do Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio say? They say one side are farbives, and the other — they say one side is fascist. And the other side is fighting fascists. How about the biology professor in Washington state."

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