Geraldo: Democrats Have the Republicans by the Cojones on DACA

‘I’m telling you there never would have been this crisis with the DREAMers if the Bushes were still in charge of the Republican Party’

I think the problem is with the dreamers particularly is that the Democrats have the Republicans by the cahonis, if you get my drift here. Nobody would really like to see ice going door-to-door to round up someone whose a junior at Stanford and say kid you’ve got to go because you came here at two years old your parents brought you here illegally and now you have to be deported. That optic will help fuel a route of the Republicans in the midterms. On the other hand, if president Trump saying I’m not negotiating , this is I want you to pass this dream act. Do this for me and we’ll work together on the other stuff. He takes the Nobel position. He’s the big guy. He does the compassionate thing and I believe that that works for President Trump and ultimate ly for the Republicans. I remember George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush. I’m telling you there never would have been this crisis with the dreamers if the bushes were still in charge of the Republican Party." 

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