ABC: Obama Facing ‘Real Popularity Problems’ on Foreign Policy

‘An equally large of number of Americans in this poll support expanding those air strikes into Syria. This is a dramatic change in public opinion’

Stephanopoulos: Obama ‘Facing Real Popularity Problems’ in U.S. Over ISIS (Mediaite)

On ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday,George Stephanopoulos and Jonathan Karlquestioned whether President Barack Obama will win over the American public with his upcoming statement on how he plans to confront ISIS.

A recent Associated Press poll showed that 56 percent of U.S. adults disapprove of Obama’s relationships with other countries.

“[Obama's statement] comes at a time,” Stephanopoulos said,” where he’s facing some real popularity problems. We see 56 percent of the country disapproving of how the president is handling foreign policy.”

Karl replied that, “The single biggest factor in that is that a majority say the president has been to cautious in responding to this threat [ISIS].”

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