Baldwin on Finding Material for Trump: He’s ‘Just Spewing It out on a Daily Basis’

‘Trump is the head writer of ‘SNL’ himself’

BALDWIN: "That's a fair point. If we were doing a lot of writing. Trump is the head writer of 'SNL' himself. Nearly 90% of what we say and do are verbatim transcriptions of what trump has said. We don't have to go very far to find the material. Trump himself is just spewing it out on a daily basis or a weekly basis. So it's not about politics meaning I'm misstating or misquoting things he said or did. That's one of the jokes we told is trump would say how he hates the media, NBC and hates us, because I say things and upthey repeat it right back to the public, he would say. They repeat all the things that I say. Oftcourse he's tormented by the fact we repeat all the things he says."

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