Sen. Coons: We Don’t Want to Violate the Second Amendment, We Don’t Want to Take People’s Guns Away

‘We don’t want to take people’s guns away’


COONS: "I think it is important for those of us who are Democrats and in the Senate, who have gone hunting, who are gun owners, who have grown up in a community, a culture or a family of gun ownership, to speak clearly and forcefully to the point that we don’t want to violate the Second Amendment. We don’t want to take people’s guns away, we just want to make sure that folks who legally should not have access to guns, convicted felons, those who have committed acts of domestic violence, those who are adjudicated to be mentally ill, that they do not have access to guns. And I do think that there is a middle path where we reassert to people who are concerned about our intentions that it is not our goal to take people’s guns away."

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