Garrett vs. Earnest: Only Explanation for Delaying Action on Immigration Is Political

‘Why does he need until the end of the year to explain something?’

Major Garrett vs. Earnest: Only Rational Explanation For Delaying Action on Immigration Is Political (RealClearPolitics)

MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS: You said yesterday the reason for that he needs to explain to the American people. Why does he need until the end of the year to explain something? Isn't it true the dominant factor, if you want to call it static was static from Senate Democrats saying this is maybe a good idea, maybe you think it's a good idea but it's terrible politics for us and we wanted you to wait until after the election? The president clearly doesn't need nine weeks to explain this to the American people. If he wanted to explain it he could explain it just like he is going to try to explain the strategy on Wednesday. It seems to me the only rational explanation for this is an intervening midterm election and fears from Senate Democrats that they did not want to take this issue on in an already tough political environment.

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