Ryan: Once We Make Good on Our Word and Make People’s Lives Better We’ll Be Just Fine Politically

‘This is about fulfilling our promises to the American people and improving people’s lives and making a positive difference’


RYAN: "First of all I think it’s a very interesting analog but I would say the Crime Bill of 93, ObamaCare, those were unpopular bills, this is not unpopular. We’re actually letting people keep more of their own money. We're cleaning up the loopholes of the tax code and having a fair tax system. So we’re going to have faster economic growth, bigger paychecks and fairer taxes. That's not unpopular thing to do. And by the way, this is something we ran on. We didn’t — we didn’t do like some of the Democratic majorities of the past and past some big huge huge thing on an unsuspecting country. We ran in 2016 on doing this tax reform. The president ran on doing this tax cut and tax reform. So this is about fulfilling our promises to the American people. This is about actually improving people’s lives and making a positive difference. And I fundamentally believe we -- when we do this, make good on our word, make good on our promise and make people’s lives better we’re going to be just fine politically."

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