Heilemann: ‘It’s Hard to Overstate the Toxicity that Trump Represents’

‘It’s hard to overstate the toxicity that Trump represents, that may or may not continue’


HEILEMANN:" It’s hard to overstate the degree of toxicity that Trump represents right now based on what we saw yesterday. Now, that may or may not a year from now continue. But we asked the question for a year, there seemed to be a lot of energy out there, anti-Trump energy in a lot of places. The question was, will it translate at the ballot box? Can Democrats actually take that and do something with it? Last night suggested, not just in Virginia but across all of these other places that we looking at, the answer to that is yes. And no one would ever want to say the Democrats don't need more of a message than just bashing Trump, but on the basis of last night, that looks like it’s a pretty good start in a lot of places."

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