Trump: Christians in N. Korea Are ‘Detained, Tortured, and in Many Cases, Executed’

‘On the part of Korea, that was a stronghold for Christianity before the war — ‘

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TRUMP: "In one known instance, a nine-year-old boy was imprisoned for ten years because his grandfather was accused of treason. In another, a student was beaten in school for forgetting a single detail about the life of Kim Jong-un. Soldiers have kidnapped foreigners and forced them to work as language tutors for north Korean spies. On the part of Korea, that was a stronghold for Christianity before the war, Christians and other people of faith who are found praying are holding a religious book of any kind are now detained, tortured, and in many cases, even executed. North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior. One child was taken away in a bucket. The guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure."

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