Larry Sabato: If Northam and Dems Lose with Trump in the 30s in Virginia ‘They Are in a world of Hurt’

‘He may still win’


SABATO: "For a couple of reasons. First is that it’s pretty clear as you noted in interviewing Ralph Northam, the Northam campaign simply hasn’t fought back at least the way in modern times you have to fight back. You have to fight fire with fire. Gillespie has had some of the toughest some would say nastiest ads I have seen in a long time. You have known Ed Gillespie for a long time, did you ever think he was a social issues person? I certainly didn’t. I never saw him as a social issues crusader. But that’s what he’s focused on. Confederate you STAs, crime, immigration, things like that. Look, Northam was a day late and a dollar short, or his campaign was in responding to many of those charges. I think it’s hurt him. He may still win. He ought to. Everything is moving in the direct of the Democrats. And if they lose this with Donald Trump being in the 30s in Virginia they are in a world of hurt."

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