Forbes’ Dan Alexander: Wilbur Ross Is Lying About Being Worth Billions

‘The resounding explanation was Wilbur Ross is not an honest guy’


BRZEZINSKI: "Last month, we told you about 'Forbes' looking into commerce secretary Wilbur Ross’ quiet transfer of assets after last year's election. Ross left more than $2 billion off his financial disclosure report and out of the public eye. The hidden assets raised questions of whether or not he violated federal rules or created any conflicts of interest. Now 'Forbes' is back with a new report about Ross' missing billions. The bottom line, that money never existed. And the commerce secretary has apparently been lying about his net worth for years." 
SCARBOROUGH: "With us once again, the author of both of those reports, Dan Alexander. So let me ask, how many of these guys, and I’m sure it’s guys mainly guys, make light of you guys about how much money they’re worth?"
ALEXANDER: "Well, I always say you've got to assume maybe 80 or 90 percent of people we talk to are trying to push us either up or down. And it’s our job to figure out which one they are trying to push and then try to go the other way. Maybe 10 or 20 percent are totally honest. This, though, is a particularly egregious case." 

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