Cokie Roberts: Racism Rooted Anger Permeates in Tea Party

Scarborough disagrees and compares with Clinton’s time, ‘there is nothing I have heard said about Barack Obama that we didn’t take about 10 degrees further’

Cokie Roberts: Some Tea Party Anger Is Racist; Also Compares Movement to Iranian Hardliners (Newsbusters)

Veteran journalist Cokie Roberts repeated a tired liberal media critique of the Tea Party on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday. While discussing Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances in 2016, Roberts declared, “But I also think and, you know, just calling it, that some of this Tea Party anger is racist and that having a non-black person on the ticket will diffuse it to some degree.”

Host Joe Scarborough immediately disagreed, saying that he and his fellow congressional Republicans in 1993 and 1994 said similar, if not worse, things about then-President Bill Clinton. Scarborough declared, “And there is nothing I have heard said about Barack Obama that we didn't take about 10 degrees further.”

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