Judge Nap: We Have Evidence of Potential Bribery with Bill and Hillary Clinton and Uranium One

‘I’ve argued for some time that Hillary Clinton should be indicted’


NAPOLITANO: "I’ve argued for some time that Hillary Clinton should be indicted. When the president fired Jim Comey, the stated reason was he dropped the ball on Hillary Clinton. Well, if he dropped the ball on Hillary Clinton, then the Justice Department should pick up that ball. That is take the evidence that the F.B.I. He massed against her of — now we have evidence of potential bribery. The delivery of are you ready for this number? $148 million in bundled donations to the Clinton Foundation and the giving of $500,000 to Bill Clinton to give a speech in Moscow at the same time that Mrs. Clinton and eight others in the government had to decide whether uranium one could purchase 25% of a uranium mine in Utah. Significance? Uranium one is owned by the Kremlin. Only Mrs. Clinton and others in the government could have authorized it. Is there a connection between $148 million and her family foundation and $500,000 for her husband and her decision to authorize this? It’s worthy of a justice Department investigation. Not independent counsel. We should not have a lot of independent counsels. Only when the justice Department can’t do its work because there is a conflict."

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