Angus King: If There Was No Russia Collusion, Trump Should Fully Support the Investigation

‘If he keeps saying there wasn’t any collusion, then open all the records’

KING: "No, because we’re not completed. If there’s no collusion, if there was no collusion, then he should be encouraging this and supporting it fully and providing information that he can. And the whole thing is fake news and the Russians and down plays or ignores and denies that the Russians were involved. This was an attack on our democracy and they are going to be doing it again in two years, four years and six years and they are doing it all over the world right now and we should all be on the same team. If he keeps saying there wasn’t any collusion, then open all the records. Give all the e-mails. Because if there’s nothing to find, that’s the best result, from his point of view."

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